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Developing Locally with WordPress: wp-config.php Tip

2016 Apr 18

I've been using MAMP to develop WordPress sites on my local machine for years, but I continually refine my wp-config.php boilerplate file. Here's the current iteration of how I handle the DB settings for local versus remote connections.

Manually Changing WordPress Database Table Prefixes

2016 Apr 5

Today it came to my attention that my wife's site's hosting was running a very old version of PHP, so I thought it was time to update it. It's hosted at Webfaction, which I really like, but I didn't see an easy way to update PHP from their control panel. So, I decided it would be fairly easy (ha) …

My New Web Development Blog

2016 Apr 2

As of today, my graphic design and photography sites are now separate. Initially I thought one personal blog would work, but I soon realized that I should have a separate blog for my web development work. It took me forever to get this started (too busy building my client's sites), but here we go. Welcome and stay tuned for more …